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According to the ancient Tamil treatise, thiruchitrambalam (which deals with every aspect and way of realizing the supreme consciousness) – “life is natural and effortless”. In actuality it is quite easy to live by ancient principles and methods. The main purpose of human birth in the process of evolution is to realize the burning life force within, nurture it and go beyond the cycles of birth and death by merging into the ultimate.

However society is structured in such a way that a person’s life gets trampled, stuck in the expectations, beliefs and opinions of society – (family and community), eventually losing one’s individuality – therefore there is a major deviation from one’s true path and delay in the process of evolution.

What is Trichirambalakalvi and what is its necessity?
What is thiruchitrambalam kalvi?

Ambalam means open space (i.e.) pure space. You can interpret it the way you want – but in this context Ambalam denotes human head.

The human head symbolizes the open sky which acts as a transmitter of cosmic wisdom absorbed from the abyss of ether. All the spiritual masters, Siddhars, and Gurus including Adhangottu Aasan, the teacher of Tholkapiar (the author of Tolkappiyam) have the ability to perceive mystical dimensions, absorb unfathomable information and guide the masses.

Mei means truth – Iyal means nature. Whatever is natural truth is Mei Iyal. Anything apart from the truth (mei Iyal) and the teachings that bring us closer to it, is unnecessary for our evolution.

The primary objective of the foundation is to impart the knowledge from Thiruchitrambalamkalvi to future generations.

Feeding Global Hunger

மானம் குலம் கல்வி வண்மை அறிவுடைமை

தானம் தவர் உயர்ச்சி தாளாண்மை – தேனின்

கசி வந்த சொல்லியர் மேல் காமுறுதல் பத்தும்

பசி வந்திடப் பறந்து போம் 

As quoted by a prominent Tamil sage and poet Avvaiyar

“None of the ten significant human emotions such as self esteem, intelligence, penance, pride, lust etc can stand in the presence of hunger.”

Does this simply mean that hunger can drive a human into madness? Then isn’t hunger a curse? So why should any living creature starve? Doesn’t Earth have enough resources to feed every being? If human beings are going to be in survival mode, how will there be longingness for higher possibilities?

All these questions led Paramporul Foundation to Feed the hungry first and offer wisdom next! Paramporul foundation is putting Vallalars significant teaching of “Jeeva karunyam” (feeding all the sentient beings) into action by offering Annadhanam (food) to thousands of people across the world.

Life Ethics Education

Learning is an innate urge of an individual. Be it in any aspect of life, in order to move to the next stage, the individual learns, unlearns and relearns. During ancient times education was meant to enhance human life, but for the last thousand years or so education has steeped too low to become just a basic preparation for survival. The innate genius of human beings is lost in bulky books, unnecessary reasoning, calculations and memorizing.

Looking at the struggles and complex challenges humans are going through psychologically, it is clear that the current education system has failed in its purpose to uplift and empower individuals.
Even the most highly qualified intellectuals fail when it comes to facing situations that life throws at us.
Education must be life and process oriented rather than being goal and product oriented.
Creation by itself only propels towards bliss. Misery is an exclusively human phenomenon. No other creature in the world wishes misery for themselves, but humans many a time willingly fall into the hell holes of anger, vengeance, depression and a host of other psychological dramas

One of the main goals of Paramporul foundation is to revive the life/process oriented education system through consistent awareness programs, satsangs and initiations.

Childhood Education

Block 1:  

Sports Training!

Block 2

Vitality Exercises!

Block 3:

Exercises in Bioethics!

Block 4:

Confidence and courage exercises!

Block 5:

Food, Relationship and Life Education coaching!

Block 6:


Block 7:


Young Adult Education

Block 1: 

What is language?
What is classroom education?
What is life education?
What is body / life / mind / soul / knowledge / wisdom?
Tamil food and medicine are the same!
What is the need for and importance of good thoughts and good words?

Block 2:

What is family/relationship/friendship?
What is sex?
What is consciousness? What is its power?
What is a biodiverse ecosystem?
What is social diversity?
How to handle social differences?

Block 3:

What are the evaluation criteria for success, failure and achievement?
How to handle reviews and slander?
What is multiple evolutionary intelligence?
What is disability?
What is the power of self-motivation and self-learning?
Practice – Wonders!

Block 4:



Adult Education

Block 1:

Human Behavior Psychology Body language and systems
Management principles
Communication for Community Development
Individual skills education

Block 2:

Handling technology
Agriculture, Horticulture & Home Science
Vastu Science, Varmapulli / Siddha Basic Treatment Methods

Block 3:



The nature of self-learning is that it does not necessarily have a linear or planned curriculum. Although it is informal in nature, away from the school setting, it is built on a broad cognitive base of the learner’s self interest, innovation, creativity, and self-direction.

Module 1:
Science (Multidimensional Perspective)

Module 2:
Geography (Multidimensional Perspective)

Module 3:
Biology (Multidimensional Perspective)

Module 4:
Psychology (Multidimensional Perspective)

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP offers practical ways to change the course of memories and habits, see past events from a different perspective and approach life from a variety of different perspectives.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming shows you how to control your life by controlling your mind. NLP exercises focus on the ‘how’ rather than the ‘why’ like psycho-analytics.

Controlling Your Mind: The Principle of NLP Training works from the NLP starting point that even if you cannot control the events of your life, you can always control what happens in your thought stream.

All your thoughts and feelings are not born with you. They are nothing but the impressions you have in your brain and mind, of the things you do in your daily life. For example, the opinions of your parents, teachers and friends – your personal beliefs based on the events you have experienced are reflected as thoughts.

NLP shows you how you can control these beliefs and their resulting effects. Using mental techniques such as visualization, this exercise helps you change the way you think and feel about past events, fears and anxieties.

“Although man cannot decide what happens, he can better decide how to deal with it.”

– Mahavishnu

Child Rearing Exercises

Chapter 1: Physical Development and Mental Development.

Chapter 2: Differences between Need and Want.

Chapter 3: The Power of Thought.

Chapter 4: Talking about traumatic events.

Chapter 5: Observing feelings about things and people.

Chapter 6: Understanding Valuation, Respect, and Relationship Celebration.

Chapter 7: Handling of Information Technology and Scientific Equipment. 

Chapter 8: Device Use That Doesn’t Promote Laziness

Chapter 9: Natural Understanding and Knowledge of Sex.

Chapter 10: Bioethics.

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